Add some colour to your home interiors

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Add some colour to your home interiors

19 May 2014


If the interior of your home is making you depressed, perhaps it's time to add a little colour and boost energy levels.

Being a mix of blue and green, teal is calm and soothing, but also revitalising.

Colour has a dramatic effect on how we feel, and changing the colour in a room, even if it's only one wall or painting a single piece of furniture, can instantly lift your mood and make you feel calm, refreshed or relaxed.

Red is a bold colour and adds instant impact to any room. As a warm colour, red is often the colour of choice for cold rooms. It's also said to increase heart rate, and is therefore not recommended for anyone suffering from high blood pressure. But it certainly is racy and just a splash will heat up any room.

Choose a cashmere or satin red if you're not looking for a glossy finish. Plascon Cashmere can be tinted in a range of colour options and you will find assistance on choosing colour by using the Plascon Inspired Colour system. If you prefer to see colours by sight, pop into your nearest Builders Warehouse or Plascon Showroom and take home some colour swatches.

Not quite ready to splash on a bold red, then what about a more sophisticated and soothing pink. Indeed, colour psychology studies show that pink is indeed a sophisticated colour choice and no longer considered a purely feminine colour.

Moving towards the blue side of the colour wheel you enter the colour realm of lilac and purple. These colours still evoke a sense of warmness and sophistication, but it's a comfortable feeling of warmth that isn't overpowering. 

Sunny and fresh, yellow adds a dose of sunshine to any room setting.

Moving more into the blues, you will find these colours add a feeling of serenity, as we associate the colour blue with the sea and sky and a sense of freedom. Blues are used to cool down a room, which is why blue is considered the perfect colour for a gym or spa.

A breakfast room that receives a lot of natural sunlight and tends to get hot in the mornings would benefit from a dose of light blue taken fromPlascon's B5-A1 colour swatch.

Create a soothing spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom with shades of blue and white from thePlascon B3-A1 colour swatch.

Add a touch of green to blue and you end up with shades of teal. Being a mix of blue and green, teal is calm and soothing, but also revitalising. It is a colour that can be paired with a wide range of colour options to decorate a home.

Take a closer look at Plascon colour swatch B2-A1 to add dark and lighter shades of teal to room setting.

Sunny and fresh, yellow adds a dose of sunshine to any room setting. Choose Plascon's Y3-A1 colour swatch for furniture, trim and walls. Paint walls with Double Velvet and furniture or trim with Plascon's water-based Velvaglo. Yellow is invigorating and evokes creativity and optimism.

A colour we associate with nature and everything natural, shades of green can be both fresh and restful when lighter hues are selected. Plascon's Y7-A1 colour swatch offers a selection of green hues that are perfect for decorating any room in a home.

As a warm colour, red is often the colour of choice for cold rooms.

More earthy colours instil a greater feeling of warmth. Light and dark shades of brown are commonly used in home decorating for their 'go to' reliability and the sense of comfort and warmth they create in a room. These colours work well when combined with hues from the warmer side of the colour wheel, such as orange, red or yellow.

While browns are earthy, shades of grey are considered more edgy and modern. You can choose warm or cool greys to create the perfect backdrop for almost any other colour in the spectrum. But it can be difficult to choose the right hue, and since grey alone lacks any colour properties, when mixed with red, yellow or blue it takes on the properties of those colours.

For your home décor, choose colours that appeal to your senses - or ones that are a true indication of your personality. How do you know? Take a look at the Plascon Inspired Colour system and you will instantly gravitate towards colours that attract your attention.

The Plascon colour system allows you to select colours that are complementary or adjacent to colours you select, making it easier to decorate with single or multiple combinations.

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