Preparing you home for summer

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Preparing your home for summer

20 Oct 2014


You may have been ready for summer for a while now, but what about your house? Now that the temperature is rising, there are certain things you can do to make sure that your home is prepared for the change of season.

Gutters should be kept clean and free of debris in order to channel ice and water away from the roof.

Budget Insurance spokesperson, Martin Janse vanRensburg, says the weather changes dramatically in summer: in some parts of the country, this means more rainfall, thunderstorms and sometimes, even hailstorms. You may not have considered it, but this affects your security, he says. 

Janse van Rensburg shares tips on how to get your home ready for summer…


Trees, bushes and shrubs grow much faster during the summer months and need to be trimmed more often. Make sure that the shrubbery outside your driveway doesn’t grow in such a way that it is able to conceal anyone who might hide behind it.

What’s more, Janse van Rensburg says shrubs often touch electric fences, causing them to malfunction. Instead of turning your fence off, make sure that any overhanging branches are trimmed, he says.    

Roof maintenance

You don’t want to be stuck fighting leaks using your pots and pans once the rainfalls begin. It is advisable to do maintenance on your roof before the rain comes to make sure you have no leaks.

Maintenance on your house should also include any indoor damp proofing. It’s worth going to a professional to make sure that the job is done properly, says Janse van Rensburg.

Power surges

Lightning often accompanies rain and thunderstorms. It’s a great inconvenience to have to fix or replace your laptop, modem or television because of it being struck by lightning.

Janse van Rensburg recommends that homeowners put surge and lightning protectors on all their electrical gadgets and plugs, but if they’re home, it’s a good idea to unplug these devices.

Hail safety

Gutters should be kept clean and free of debris in order to channel ice and water away from the roof. When a heavy hail storm has been forecasted, outdoor equipment and furniture should be moved undercover if possible. Also, don’t forget to make sure that your downpipes feed the water away from your house. Check the drainage outlets and clear them of any dry leaves and other debris.

Household tips

1. Rodents and vermin often increase during the summer months. Call in a pest control specialist to safeguard your home against rats, cockroaches and any other pests.

2. Clean your refrigerator’s condensing coils to keep it running smoothly. Unplug the fridge, and remove the base plate or top grate. Use a vacuum cleaner with the nozzle attachment to remove any dirt and lint.

3. Consider turning your geyser lower as this won’t only save electricity, but money too.

4. Wooden window frames, doors and doorframes should be sanded down and resealed or oiled if needed.

5. Make sure that all outdoor lighting and plug sockets are in a good condition.


Author: Martin Janse van Rensburg - Budget Insurance

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