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Residential Property Management

It's Like Being There Yourself

End-To-End Management Services
It's Like Being There Yourself

The management of the affairs of today’s complexes is a far cry from the hit and miss approach of the past. It requires the expertise of a dedicated team to MAXimise what is typically most people’s biggest single investment. Maxprop’s team approach will give you peace of mind.

Advise you and your trustees on the complexities of running a sectional title development.

Assist the trustees in determining the replacement value of units for insurance purposes.

Ensure timely collection of monthly levies, together with appropriate and proactive credit control.

Assist the trustees in the preparation of an annual budget.

Efficiently pay monthly accounts once approved by trustees.

Arrange for and attend the Annual General Meeting or other meetings as required.

Team Staffing

A highly qualified Project Manager leads each of our 14 teams that give personal attention to residential and commercial complexes of all types. Our Property Managers are all highly skilled and well versed in the complexities of the legislation governing the running of sectional title, share block and home owners’ associations. They also keep up to date with the constant changes in these areas. A Property Director with over thirty years’ experience in the field, and a Finance Director with 33 years’ experience lead the team of Project Managers. In addition, the Property Management Division can call on the expertise and contacts of all the executives within the Maxprop Group. We achieve the best results for our clients using our ability to contact the right person in whatever circumstances prevail.

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